About Us

Our Mission

Founded on the belief that individualized treatment is vital for long-term recovery, Clean and Sober Detox provides the crucial first step toward freedom from addiction by providing highly personalized care at the hands of experienced medical and wellness professionals. Our mission is to help our clients safely overcome physical dependence, while providing the emotional support and education needed for clients to take the next step toward lifelong recovery.

How We Do It

Clean and Sober Detox offers an industry-leading medical staff whose decades of experience rank our team among the most tenured in the region. Our clinicians, board certified by either CCAPP, California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals or the California Board of Behavioral Sciences, maintain a commitment to personalized care that allows us to customize each program to the individual client.  

Our Team

Andrew Mendonsa, Psy. D., MBA



Jody Ressio, MA, LAADC, SAP, IS

Executive Director