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Welcome! Call (916) 965-3386 now to speak to a Counselor

help-handWe are a residential detox for adults located in Northern CA. If you or a loved one is addicted to a substance we can help. Our qualified Counselors will help walk our clients and their family through the detox process. Start your new life now at Clean And Sober Detox where everything is confidential and safe. We have been in business over SEVENTEEN YEARS!

Withdrawal from any addictive substance such as alcohol, opiates, heroin, prescription medication, methadone or Suboxone is serious, painful and may be life threatening. If medically necessary an outside physician will prescribe medication to assist with the detox symptoms for instance agitation, leg cramps, high blood pressure, nausea, diarrhea, and sleeplessness. Do not do this cold turkey. The doctors we work with will not substitute one addiction for another.

Private rooms are available. Clients are supervised by a Counselor 24 hours a day. We accept only 6 clients, allowing clients more individual time with a Counselor and a peaceful detox. Our detox is not crazy like you see on TV, it is safe and tranquil in Fair Oaks, CA.

The length of stay depending on the substance. With just the right amount of program and rest, you can do this. Our program consists of about four hours of daily activities: reading from recovery books in a group session, viewing an educational video about the disease of addiction, and 12 Step meetings. Our Counselors understand you are withdrawing and there may be days that you cannot fully participate.

Our qualified Counselors will assist you through the process and journey to your new life of recovery. Prior to completion each client will receive an assessment with a Counselor and will help you set obtainable goals and assist with referrals to the appropriate level of care.

Call 916-965- DETOX (3386) now to speak to a Counselor

Call (916) 965-DETOX (3386) now to speak to a counselor