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We Accept These Insurers And Many More

We are committed to helping clients gain access to the care they need. Our intake coordinators will help you understand your insurance policy and guide you toward financing resources, such as aid or loans, if you need assistance.

Financing addiction or mental health treatment may feel overwhelming at first, but it can be helpful to put the costs in perspective. If your substance use or mental health disorder costs you $100 a week, you will spend more than $20,000 over four years, not including the cost of related health care problems, hospital visits or lost income. The long-term costs of behavioral health disorders often far outweigh the cost of recovery.

Thankfully, recent changes to health insurance laws have made coverage for mental health disorders and related treatment for drug and alcohol addiction more accessible and affordable. Contact us to verify your insurance and learn about other available funding resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

We work directly with clients to make treatment accessible and affordable. Most clients are able to cover their treatment through their insurance, one of our flexible payment plans or a combination of both. Here are answers to common insurance questions.

Do you accept workers' compensation insurance?

We sure do. If you became addicted to prescription medication because of a work-related injury, your workers’ compensation insurance will likely cover your detox treatment.

What if I don't have insurance?

We work with many clients who do not have insurance, or whose insurance does not cover detox. For these clients, we offer flexible payment programs that can make treatment affordable even without insurance.

What if I've been in treatment before?

Although a prior experience with detox or rehabilitation program may affect how your eligibility for coverage, we can work with you through our payment programs to get the treatment you need now.